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Our team of writers consists of professionals from every possible field of study. Name any topic, set your requirements and let our team work their magic, as what you’ll get will exceed your wildest expectations.

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How are the papers formatted?

Each assignment is formatted according to one of academic writing style manuals (APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian), which is set by a customer when placing an order. If your professor has some specific requirements, you can mention them to our writers, and your paper will be formatted regarding all the details that you provide.

How long will it take to do my assignment?

When you fill the initial order details, you set a deadline for the task. Unless you negotiate another due date with your writer later, you should expect your paper to be ready by the time and day you mentioned when placing an order.

Can I change the deadline for my assignment?

Yes. Keep in mind though, that such alterations will affect the final cost of the work. If your deadline has changed for some reason, try to inform your writer as soon as possible, to make sure he or she will be able to rearrange one’s workload and provide the assignment in time.

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